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Who We Are


We value the Earth and we believe that everyone has a part in contributing to the health of our planet.  As an apparel business we are conscious of our impact.  We acknowledge that we have a big responsibility to help reduce our carbon footprint.  We are constantly trying to reduce our waste, include close out fabrics in our production, and purchase fabrics that are more eco-conscious.  Our shipping supplies are made from eco-recycled paper.  We avoid plastic packaging wherever we can.  We do our best to donate all samples and production faults to the less fortunate.  In all, we have more goals to achieve in our company’s impact and promise to keep on moving forward with the Earth in mind. 
We stand against racism, prejudice, and acts of violence.  As we live and work in a melting pot of cultures of all races, sizes, genders and orientations, we are proud to call Los Angeles home.  Leisure Lab is and will always be made for everyone with an open heart that values human life no matter our differences.


We are committed to accepting and treating every application for employment equally no matter what race, size, shape, or gender. 

Offering our customers exceptional customer service is at the core of our company’s values.  We acknowledge that buying online isn’t always the easiest thing to do, especially when buying from a new brand you’ve never tried before.  That’s why we have included free shipping with purchases over $75, exchanges, returns, and refunds into our policies.  You can shop without commitment.  We realize that not everyone is going to love our clothing but we appreciate every customer that gives us a try! 

Although Leisure Lab may not be a huge corporation yet, we know that it’s not always just the big donations that count.  We actively engage with several charities and organizations to make sure that we are contributing to the betterment of our community.  

LEI·SURE: the use of free time for enjoyment. 

  Our customers work hard, and free time harder...