How To Eat Bacon With Confidence

One day I went with my friend to the local grocery store. Homie has a mad addiction to bacon. I mean I’m talking it’s incorporated in almost every one of his meals somehow. I won’t lie though I’m here to support it when I’m around. I usually get a slice of the cut. On this particular day we were in for a trip that changed it all. As always Jake was wearing some slouchy unattended to style consisting of some old shorts and a baggy tee. His apparel usually consists of an outfit that says, “I’m not a complete slob ma Bob but I also really don’t know what I’m doing at all and could use some help.” 

Anyhow here we are, strolling down the block in the Lower East Side headed for these gleaming slices of pork. When we finally arrive at the store homeboy knows exactly where he’s headed and I’m here to support it. We get to the bacon section and there it is. The bacon of all bacon is literally floor to ceiling in the fridge doors and you can almost see Jake’s mood just completely spark with joy. It’s as if he’s seeing the bacon already cooked and half way down his throat. Dude’s got some things to work out. But back to it. At this point Jake has several people behind him awaiting their turn as well to pick amongst the bunches also. I feel like I’m in some slow moving movie in which I’m here but I’m not. He spots his favorite and goes in for the kill. All of a sudden I hear something tear and a ping on the glass. He shoots up abruptly and starts to run out of the store.

At this point I’m feeling like I’m really in some kind of hidden camera show. I walk out and find him sitting outside on a bench with a bright red face. Now I’m baffled, what could have possibly happened to make this grown man dart out of the store without his beloved bacon. Jake turns to me and I kid you not, he says “Dude my button on my shorts straight up popped off and my crack ripped!” Now I’m holding my cool waiting for his next move as he starts to crack up as loud as I have ever heard so obviously at this point I find it safe as a friend to laugh about the situation as well! I couldn’t believe all this build up for this poor dude to get his favorite and here in the city of all cities New York with no bacon and some ripped up shorts about to fall off my dude’s waist. It was then that I knew today was gonna be a day!

After that fiasco, I went inside and got homie the bacon that he so deserved at this point. On the walk home I mentioned to him that my friend had a brand called “Leisure Lab.” I told him the brand focuses on a modern minimalist aesthetic that makes style and comfort super easy for guys and he should check them out. In fact, I was wearing a pair that day that I got to show him. I told him I’ve had my shorts for months now and not a day goes by when I wear them that I don’t feel stylish or comfortable. Sometimes I even get compliments which always makes me feel good cause I don’t usually get style compliments but hey, I’m here for it. 


Jake took my advice and ordered himself a pair. He ended up choosing the black shorts you know a safe option for typical guy shopping. He told me that he really liked the site’s easy checkout and that their return, refund and exchange policy gave him the confidence for online shopping he hadn’t really trusted in before. I was impressed. I mean this guy barely shops at all and here he is taking some initiative with his wardrobe, finally! 


It wasn’t soon after his shorts arrived that I he was back in the bacon aisle with this time style and confidence. He loved his shorts so much he told me he ordered one of each and had one on the way for me as a thank you for my referral. Now that’s friendship! I find myself often hyping this brand but this story is one of my favorites. As absurd as it is, it’s one I tell often and usually guys can relate to the discomfort of other brands and or the lack of effortless style and comfort. All in all, who knew my recommendation would win me a pair and some bacon! No complaints here. Once again, life’s good! 

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